Shotcraft 1 Hirschfeld And Roizman Fail Safe
    May 2020

    How Do I Find a Mentor?

    This is a question I’ve been asked at least a hundred times by aspiring cinematographers eager to learn more, advance their careers, and receive guidance from someone who is already established. 

    Shotcraft Smart Lenses Featured
    March 2020

    Smart Lenses

    It’s not the future of technology anymore. It’s here now, and it can help your production in many ways!

    Shot Craft 1 Jendra Jarnagin A
    March 2020

    The Cinematographer’s Reel

    If you are a cinematographer seeking work who doesn’t have a reel, you are significantly hindering your chances of obtaining gainful employment. 

    Shotcraft Put The Camera Featured
    January 2020

    Where Do You Put the Camera?

    How you frame the shot, where you place the camera, and what subjects you choose to show in the frame — those are the nouns, verbs, adverbs and prepositions of the language of motion pictures.

    01 Kevin Bellante
    November 2019

    Sound Track

    Discussing the key on-set collaboration between the sound department and the camera crew.

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