Tom Cruise Valkyrie
February 2009 |

Valkyrie / Newton Thomas Sigel, ASC

Newton Thomas Sigel, ASC talks about the film stocks, lenses and digital intermediate processes that he employed to create the look of the film, as well as the impact of Tom Cruise signing on to what had originally been a small and low-budget project....more

August 2008 |

Batman: The Dark Knight / Wally Pfister, ASC

Wally Pfister, ASC discusses working on The Dark Knight, the use of IMAX and shooting single camera, as well as his long term working relationship with Christopher Nolan in this interview with fellow cinematographer Daryn Okada, ASC....more

July 2008 |

Hellboy II: The Golden Army / Guillermo Navarro, ASC, AMC

Guillermo Navarro, ASC, AMC — cinematographer of Hellboy II: The Golden Army — discusses shooting tooth fairies and elementals, creating otherworldly environments and working alongside director Guillermo del Toro with American Cinematographer contributor Iain Marcks....more