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Sigma Announces Cine Lenses

Sigma plans to develop additional zoom and prime lenses, and add support for PL-mount camera systems.

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The Sigma Corp. recently visited the ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood to present its newly announced line of Sigma Cine lenses, which are compatible with the latest high-resolution digital cinema cameras.

Sigma has developed its own production system by establishing the required technology for mass production of high-performance lenses for ultra-megapixel shooting. For the first phase of the company’s entry into the cinematography market, Sigma will release two zoom lenses in Japan and the USA for EF- and E- mount camera systems. Then, another zoom lens and five prime lenses will be released to the market beginning in 2017. Sigma plans to develop additional zoom and prime lenses, and add support for PL-mount camera systems.

Sigma’s High Speed Zoom Line — currently comprising 18-35mm and 50-100mm lenses — offers compact construction and a constant aperture of T2 throughout the zoom range, and the optical performance is ready for shooting 6K and 8K resolutions. The FF Zoom Line, which currently comprises the 24-35mm (T2.2) zoom, is compatible with a full-frame image circle, and like the High Speed Zoom Line is 6K- and 8K-ready; the FF Zoom is not available in PL mount. Sigma’s lineup of five FF High Speed Prime lenses currently comprises 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm focal lengths; all five primes are T1.5 and are compatible with full-frame sensors.

Each Sigma Cine lens model is weatherproof and has luminous paint markings to aid in changing and operating the lens in the dark. The lenses tout a long focus rotation of 180 degrees guided by cams for smooth operation and accuracy. The Cine lens design features standardized essentials such as an 82mm front for ND filters, a 95mm front diameter for matte-box use, and standard gear positions for accessories such as follow focus. They also include a manual linear iris control and electronic mounts that provide vital camera metadata. Each lens is manufactured and inspected in the Sigma factory in Aizu, Japan.

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