October 2013 |

Riddick / David Eggby, ACS

Riddick cinematographer David Eggby, ACS on returning to the Pitch Black franchise and reuniting with director David Twohy to create a gritty, side-lit and contrasty atmosphere on a film with budget issues....more

September 2013 |

The Conjuring / John R. Leonetti, ASC

American Cinematographer’s Jim Hemphill talks with The Conjuring cinematographer John R. Leonetti, ASC about creating an ultra-realistic feeling by shooting the set as is it were a location they did not pull walls and used practical lighting as much as possible. He also discusses how their frequent use of a wide angle lens enhanced the audience's feeling of tension and unease....more

July 2013 |

Pain and Gain / Ben Seresin, ASC, BSC

Pain and Gain cinematographer Ben Seresin, ASC, BSC discusses working with director Michael Bay — they often shot 60-90 setups a day and used over 20 different cameras for various effects....more

July 2013 |

Between Us / Nancy Schreiber, ASC, and Dan Mirvish

American Cinematographer's Jim Hemphill talks with Between Us cinematographer Nancy Schreiber, ASC and writer/director Dan Mirvish about the challenges of shooting this polished drama with a micro budget and many volunteer crew members....more

February 2013 |

Beyond the Black Rainbow / Norm Li, CSC, and Panos Cosmatos

American Cinematographer's Iain Stasukevich speaks with cinematographer Norm Li, CSC, and director Panos Cosmatos about their collaboration on Beyond the Black Rainbow, a stylish low budget sci fi thriller, they discuss the films they turned to for inspiration as well as their decision to shoot 2-perf 35mm film instead of digital or other formats....more