July 2023

Seeing Double for Dead Ringers

The Amazon Prime Video limited series Dead Ringers, shot by Jody Lee Lipes, ASC and Laura M. Gonçalves, offers a reimagining of the David Cronenberg-directed classic. This time around, actor Rachel Weisz takes on the roles once inhabited by Jeremy Irons: Elliot and Beverly Mantle, a pair of pathologically codependent identical-twin gynecologists who steadily make their way toward psychosis and self-destruction. During prep for an HBO project in 2021, Lipes had dissected the 1988 film — shot by Society member Peter Suschitzky — and what he drew from it “is that it’s not the real world. It’s a stark, slightly tweaked, theatrical world. To me, that was license to work in a way that heightens reality.” “One of the great things about this show...more

Dead Ringers Featured

Mark Dillon

December 2022

Spectral Strife: Shining Vale

Suki Medencevic, ASC, ASBiH, SAS collaborates with visual-effects supervisor Jason Piccioni to conjure the supernatural for the Starz horror-comedy series. ...more

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