February 2024

Creating a Gentle Giant for I’m a Virgo

How do you depict a giant 19-year-old man living life in downtown Oakland, Calif.? That’s the question filmmaker Boots Riley put to visual-effects professionals while preparing I’m a Virgo, his miniseries that follows on the heels of his satire Sorry to Bother You. (Our podcast on the project here.) The Amazon Prime production unfolds from the perspective of 13ʹ-tall Cootie (Jharrel Jerome), who lives a sheltered existence with his Aunt LaFrancine (Carmen Ejogo) and Uncle Martisse (Mike Epps) until he ventures out into the streets and finds love and friendship — and an archenemy....more

Im A Virgo Featured 2

Joe Fordham

Society of the Snow n 00 13 48 01 DIG
January 2024

Deliverance: Society of the Snow

Visual effects proved to be a critical component in this complex production visualizing the harrowing true 1972 tale of human survival in the Andes....more

Blade Runner 2049 Spinners
August 2023

The Evolving Art of Visual Effects

The increasing incorporation of visual effects into the production process yields partnerships between cinematographers and VFX supervisors that are more intertwined than ever before....more

Guardians 3 Rocket piloting ship
August 2023

The Evolution of Rocket Raccoon

The real magic, visual-effects supervisor Stéphane Ceretti contends, “is all in the writing. Rocket is one of the best characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”...more

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