February 2024

Griselda: Rise of “The Godmother”

The dangerous lifestyle of a drug lord would not seem worth the potentially deadly risks to most normal, law-abiding people. But in designing the look of Griselda, ASC member Armando Salas understood that audiences always seem to find vicarious thrills in characters who flout the law with reckless abandon. The six-episode Netflix miniseries, directed and produced by Andrés Baiz, tells the story of an unlikely super-criminal who rose to prominence in Miami’s cocaine-trafficking scene during the late 1970s: Griselda Blanco, a former prostitute who soon became known as “The Godmother.” The illegal enterprise she led became so successful that it inspired the creation of the Centac 26, a joint effort by the Drug Enforcement Agency and...more

Griselda Featured

Jay Holben

The Creator Featured
November 2023

The Creator: Hope for the Future

Co-cinematographers Greig Fraser, ASC, ACS and Oren Soffer, along with director Gareth Edwards, detail their indie-style approach to a big-budget sci-fi epic....more

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