February 2021

Emily in Paris: City of Light

Photos by Carole Bethuel, Stéphanie Branchu and the filmmakersAll photos courtesy of Netflix “Paris is beautiful — it’s hard to miss that,” says Steven Fierberg, ASC, when asked what’s most striking about shooting in the French capital. “One of the things that really helps you as a filmmaker is that the city was designed in a unified way, in color and in shape, which makes it easier to create an image that has unity.” An accidental Parisian, Emily relentlessly documents her experiences — adding another visual possibility to the storytelling. As part of this month’s international focus, we reached out to the Detroit-born, New York City adoptee and current L.A. denizen to discuss his French foray on the Netflix series Emily in Paris, and...more

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Andrew Fish

How It Ends How It Ends12
September 2018

Long Road Home: How It Ends

Peter Flinckenberg, FSC and director David M. Rosenthal welcome AC to the Canadian set of Netflix’s apocalypse road movie....more

How It Ends Netflix Top 1
August 2018

AC Gallery: How It Ends

An addendum to complement our in-depth article in the Sept. issue on the work of Peter Flinckenberg, FSC and crew on the Netflix apocalypse road movie....more

Blood Road Featured
April 2018

Blood Road: Emotional Journey

Director Nicholas Schrunk and crew document an endurance mountain biker’s trek across the Ho Chi Minh Trail to learn about the father she never knew....more

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