May 2023

Angénieux Visit — A Photographic Reportage

This is a photographic reportage — with some notes — of my visit to the Angénieux factory, where I was recently invited for a tour, along with three fellow journalists. A big thank you to the Angénieux team for their invitation, and their warm welcome. I took most of the photos below, but my friend Marc Salomon — Editor-in-Chief of the AFC Website — kindly let me include some of his as well, which are complemented by a few images from Angénieux, as indicated. SAINT-HEAND The Angénieux factory is located on the scenic heights of the town of Saint-Héand, in central France near Lyon. -- Fun fact: the building’s cylindrical tower on the left actually represents a zoom lens, Angénieux’ signature product.-- Angénieux was acquired by the...more

Avst000 Angenieux building wide shot 800k

Benjamin B

Dion Beebe And Ang Lee On Gemini Man
November 2019

Face to Face: Gemini Man

A visit to the set of Gemini Man in Hungary, where Dion Beebe, ASC, ACS and a team of collaborators help director Ang Lee break new ground with a 120 fps 3D production co-starring a CG human....more

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