May 2023

Angénieux Visit — A Photographic Reportage

This is a photographic reportage — with some notes — of my visit to the Angénieux factory, where I was recently invited for a tour, along with three fellow journalists. A big thank you to the Angénieux team for their invitation, and their warm welcome. I took most of the photos below, but my friend Marc Salomon — Editor-in-Chief of the AFC Website — kindly let me include some of his as well, which are complemented by a few images from Angénieux, as indicated. SAINT-HEAND The Angénieux factory is located on the scenic heights of the town of Saint-Héand, in central France near Lyon. -- Fun fact: the building’s cylindrical tower on the left actually represents a zoom lens, Angénieux’ signature product.-- Angénieux was acquired by the...more

Avst000 Angenieux building wide shot 800k

Benjamin B

Tragedy Of Macbeth King Arrives At Macbeth Castle
January 2022

The Tragedy of Macbeth: Palace Intrigue

Cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel, ASC, AFC and director Joel Coen discuss their collaboration on this striking, innovative adaptation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece. (This is an expanded version of the article published in our January 2022 print edition.)...more

Dion Beebe And Ang Lee On Gemini Man
November 2019

Face to Face: Gemini Man

A visit to the set of Gemini Man in Hungary, where Dion Beebe, ASC, ACS and a team of collaborators help director Ang Lee break new ground with a 120 fps 3D production co-starring a CG human....more

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