February 2024

Lighting in the Volume

This is a sponsored post. Richard Mead One of the benefits of shooting a scene within a virtual production LED volume is the realistic reflections and lighting from the LED panels themselves. This is such an important element of achieving realistic in-camera visual effects (ICVFX) that many volumes have LED ceilings or flanking walls that will never be in shot, but are there solely to contribute to the lighting of the scene. However, in practice, the RGB panels we use today are great for direct view, but not actually very good for lighting a scene. Their spectral output is very different from normal lighting sources, so skin tones in particular can look unnatural and some colours are shifted. RGB VS RGBWAdding an additional white LED...more

Brompton Definition Editorial True Light Feb24 1200x628px

David E. Williams

The Graduate Featured
November 2023

Wrap Shot: The Graduate

Robert Surtees, ASC delivered “rule-breaking mad, Mod visual acrobatics” to this relentlessly unconventional romance....more

Narc Liotta and Patric
October 2023

Narc: Arresting Images

Director of Photography Alex Nepomniaschy, ASC and director Joe Carnahan break the rules on this brutal crime drama....more

Notorious 2
July 2023

Wrap Shot: Notorious

A seemingly simple move in Hitchcock’s classic suspense drama proved to be a complex piece of camerawork and rigging....more

Robert Kurrle ASC w Lupe Velez
July 2023

Wrap Shot: Resurrección

Invited to join the ASC in 1921, cinematographer Robert Kurrle shot some 70 films in just 16 years, including this 1931 Tolstoy adaptation....more

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