June 2023

Wide Wide West: The Hateful Eight

This article originally ran in AC, Dec. 2015. Some images are additional or alternate. Quentin Tarantino’s crew is reconfiguring the set of Minnie’s Haberdashery, which has been transferred from a location in Colorado to a bone-cold soundstage at Red Studios Hollywood — artificially chilled to 30° Fahrenheit and 80% humidity to make the cast’s exhaled breaths visible. Snug in a parka that’s been pinned with a sheriff’s badge, the director cheerfully greets visitors from American Cinematographer to the set of The Hateful Eight with a hearty, “Welcome to our super film set!” He and cinematographer Robert Richardson, ASC proceed to discuss how their team managed to pull off shooting the entire movie in a widescreen film format not used in...more

Hateful Eight Stage Featured

Michael Goldman

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July 2019

To Be King: Making The Lion King

Cinematographer Caleb Deschanel, ASC and visual-effects supervisor Robert Legato, ASC team up in virtual space to shoot the photo-real reimagining of an animated favorite....more

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