January 2024

LED Wall Evokes Early-Cinema Effects for Poor Things

Most scenes in Yorgos Lanthimos’ highly stylized dark comedy Poor Things were shot on traditional sets, but key portions of the steamship journey that Bella (Emma Stone) embarks on with Duncan (Mark Ruffalo) called for virtual production on an LED volume — a first for both Lanthimos and cinematographer Robbie Ryan, BSC, ISC. (Our complete story with them here.) The team led by Simon Hughes, creative director at London VFX house Union, included visual-effects supervisor Tim Barter and virtual-production supervisor Adrian Weber. Surreal Effects Weber recalls that he was initially brought onboard to advise Ryan about the technical considerations involved in shooting on the volume, where surreal skies and seascapes would be displayed...more

Poor Things Emma Stone Virtual Feature

Noah Kadner

Red Notice Featured
January 2022

Reluctant Allies: Red Notice

Markus Förderer, ASC, BVK and director Rawson Marshall Thurber enlist vintage optics, the latest drone and camera tech, and an LED volume for this action-comedy....more

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