Noah Kadner

Lighting For Led Stages Lighting For Led Stages 1 The Origin Unreal Engine Pr 00021
September 2021

Lighting for LED Stages

It’s essential that directors of photography who delve into this milieu become familiar with its methods of illumination....more

Daredevil Featured Image
February 2021

Without Fear: Daredevil

Cinematographer Matthew Lloyd, CSC and director Phil Abraham detail their gritty visual approach to this two-fisted superhero series....more

Game On 1 Ttf Pathfinder Tr 01 Png Copy
August 2020

Game On: Game-Engine Technology Expands Filmmaking Horizons

“What directors want are iterations. They want to find all the possible challenges early, so the faster you can see a result, understand the issues and create another iteration, the better. Real-time engines make that process happen instantly. It’s just like playing a video game.”...more

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