Mad God / Phil Tippett

Episode #109

Mad God / Phil Tippett


In this episode, visual effects legend Phil Tippett talks about his career, his creative process and the 30-year journey to realizing his epic and disturbing animated magnum opus Mad God

Tippett is best known to audiences for his groundbreaking creative contributions to such imaginative features as RoboCop, Starship Troopers, Jurassic Park, Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

Also mentioned in this episode are stories from our July issue:

John Grillo (Tokyo Vice), Vanja Černjul, ASC (The Gilded Age) and Danny Cohen, BSC (Slow Horses) discuss creating looks for their latest episodic series.

Tommy Maddox Upshaw, ASC details his visual approach to the Showtime science-fiction series The Man Who Fell to Earth, a sequel to the 1976 film of the same name, photographed by Anthony Richmond, ASC, BSC. 

Karl-Walter Lindenlaub, ASC, production designer Sophie Becher and director Otto Bathurst team up to talk about adapting the Halo video game franchise into a television series for Paramount Plus. The piece goes into detail about their collaborative world-building process and focuses on some of the series' largest sets, built on stages at Korda Studios in Hungary.

Salvator Totino, ASC, AIC, gives his account of recreating Hollywood in the 1970s for Paramount Plus’s The Offer, a dramatization of the making of The Godfather, which was shot by Gordon Willis, ASC. 

This issue also includes a look at the virtual production of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Virtual production itself is a strange new world and you can count on us to explore the technology as it continues to rapidly evolve. 

In Clubhouse news, the 2022 Emmy Nominations for Best Cinematography were announced this week, and 11 ASC members are included among the nominees for outstanding camerawork in six distinct categories: Autumn Durald Arkapaw, Gary Baum, Ava Berkofsky, Mark Doering-Powell, Wolfgang Held, Gregory Middleton, Donald A. Morgan, M. David Mullen, Ben Richardson, Steven V. Silver and Checco Varese. 

The ASC roster continues to expand with the addition of Christopher Norr, ASC. 

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