May 2024

Song and Story — 2024 ASC Music Video Award Nominees

Introduction by Andrew Fish Wistful storytelling, juggling of wildly disparate aesthetics, and vibrant-hued body horror played prominently in the respective projects that contended for the inaugural ASC Music Video Award this year. Each nominee — Jon Joffin, ASC, for Jon Bryant’s “At Home”; Scott Cunningham, ASC, for Little Simz’s “Gorilla”; and Andrey Nikolaev, for Cassie Marin’s “Tanto” — displayed the kind of image-making mastery the Society aimed to elevate with the creation of this new award. ASC President Shelly Johnson considers the cinematographic work on music videos, as a whole, to be “some of the most audacious and fearless.” He notes, “The establishment of the award shows the respect our members pay to the elements of visual...more

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Tara Jenkins

Poker Face Featured
June 2023

Poker Face: Three Aces in Hand

Cinematographers Jaron Presant, ASC; Steve Yedlin, ASC; and Christine Ng each approach Rian Johnson’s murder-mystery series from their own unique angles....more

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