Alien 386Sm
July 2017

Alien and Its Photographic Challenges

Lighting a gigantic spaceship with low-ceilinged, four-walled sets and many special effects — plus the vast terrain of an alien planet, called for methods that were out-of-the-ordinary, to say the least....more

Alien Scott Weaver Featured
July 2017

The Filming of Alien

Ridley Scott talks about the hundreds of problems involved in taking an essentially fantastic idea and making it real on-screen....more

Blow Out Featured
June 2017

Wrap Shot: Blow Out

Behind the scenes with Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, HSC on his stylish 1981 thriller, directed by Brian De Palma....more

Deer Hunter 17
June 2017

Behind the Scenes of The Deer Hunter

The challenge included shooting inside a cramped trailer, an immense cathedral, a steel mill, the icy slopes of Mt. Baker, the jam-packed streets of Bangkok and a raging river with water up to the matte box....more

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